Awards for Venus Razors

Allure Best of Beauty
Award Winner
Hair Removal – Extra Smooth
Sensitive Razor
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Total Beauty
Award Winner
Honorable Mention – Best Hair Removal
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“I've lived in a stubble bubble for the majority of my adult life: No razor - no matter how 'sensitive' it claims to be - has ever given me a smooth, non-rashy finish. Until this five-bladed beauty.”
-Theresa O'Rourke, Contributing Editor
7 Razors That Actually Work
“I’ve gone to town on my bikini line with [the Venus Platinum] and have yet to find a single bump.”
-Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
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"LOVE my subscripton. Game changer."
Stephanie G.
New York, NY
"I love that the blades come when I need them. Affordable."
Kenosha, WI
"[Venus Direct is a] straightforward, easy to use service!"
Stephanie G.
New York, NY
"I love that I don’t have to go to the store!!😁"
Leatha R.
Glen Rose, TX
"I love how I don't have to think about it, they just show up for me."
Jocelyn F.
Independence, MO
"The shave is so smooth and soft. Razor slides like butter and effortless. Amazing!"
Karen C.
"Best razor I've had in years."
Heather M.
"I've tried everything and this brand is THE best."
Claudine H.
"If you're looking for a smooth and sexy shave every time, I highly suggest these blades."
Deidra D.