Our 2030 Commitment

We believe sustainability matters.
That’s why, from product production to material sourcing, we’re on a journey to make the Venus brand more sustainable, and to do our part to support global sustainability efforts.

Product & Packaging

Durable long-lasting razors that reduce waste.

Durable Razors

Our refillable razors have durable handles that are made to last and deliver up to a month of shaves.
100% plastic-free boxes.


We’ve introduced 100% plastic-free boxes to our refillable lineup, which is estimated to eliminate a total of 240 metric tons of plastic (that’s equal to 24 million water bottles).
* per twice a week shave
Venus uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) content to reduce absolute virgin plastic.

Reducing Virgin Plastic

Our company is working to increase the use of post-recycled (PCR) content to reduce the absolute virgin plastic used in our products by 50%.

What We've Done:

Received a Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill status in our global network of plants
In the last 10 years, we’ve reduced energy usage in plants overall by 392,851 gigajoules = energy to power 17 million homes
Since 2010, we’ve reduced Green House Gases by 26% = 69,499 metric tons

What We’re Going to Do:

Reduce water consumption by 35%


Reduce water consumption by 35% per production.
Venus plans to use 100% renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Use 100% renewable purchased electricity.
Venus plans to use responsible and sustainable sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Responsibly source materials backed by supporting credentials.
Venus seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturing by 50%

Greenhouse Gases

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturing by 50%.

Our Partnerships

We teamed up with TerraCycle to help launch the world’s first razor recycling program, enabling our consumers to recycle 100% of our products in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
Loop by TerraCycle
We also support and participate in TerraCycle’s Loop platform, a first-of its-kind global packaging and shopping solution that aims to improve environmental performance, as well as convenience and affordability, compared to current e-commerce solutions.
We Are One Ocean
We partner with WSL PURE, the nonprofit arm of the World Surf League, founded in 2016 with the mission to inspire, educate, and empower ocean protection, starting with the global surf community. Together, we leverage our platform to shine a light on the people making a difference and collaborate with world-class, nonprofit partners.