Woman shaving bikini area with the Venus Pubic Hair & Skin RazorWoman shaving bikini area with the Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

Is Shaving Bad for Your Pubic/Bikini Area?

Whether you want a bit of a trim or to go completely bare down there, shaving your bikini area with a razor is a great option. It’s inexpensive and can be done in the privacy of your own home. While it’s not “bad” to do it, there are some obstacles that may make shaving your pubic hair a bit of a challenge. Learn why it’s hard to shave your bikini area (technically called the labia majora) and how to protect the skin there in the process. Plus, take a look at the new Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin collection we designed especially for your bikini area.

Why is it so hard to shave your bikini area?

Nicks, cuts, bumps, dryness and ingrown hairs are often part of many women’s pubic shaving experience. But why are these results so common? Let’s break it down.

Reason 1

Pubic skin is different.

Skin is our body’s protector. It regulates hydration levels and even works like a barrier to keep bad stuff (like irritants) out and keep good stuff (like natural oils and moisture) in. But skin on your labia majora is way more permeable than leg skin. It’s less than half the thickness and has more nerve endings and greater blood flow. All these factors lead it to react differently when you shave.

Reason 2

Pubic hair is different.

Unlike leg hair, pubic hair is often curly, thicker, and wrapped in nerves. Plus, it grows in a bunch of different directions, making it harder to shave properly.

Reason 3

Your pubic area is complex.

Legs, arms and even underarms can be pretty simple to shave. But your pubic area has lots of course hair, intricate folds, tight crevices and pliable skin. All these obstacles can make it hard for a razor (and you) to navigate.

Reason 4

Not all razors are designed for delicate areas.

Since your labia majora is more delicate, it needs extra care. And since the hair down there is thicker, it needs a sharp, maneuverable blade. Standard razors aren’t always equipped to handle such needs.

How to shave bikini area.How to shave bikini area.

How to shave your bikini area properly

Itchy, red bumps don’t have to be in your future. As discussed, the skin and hair in your pubic area deserves some extra care, but it’s possible to get a good shave without irritation. Keep in mind the following things when shaving down there and check out our step-by-step guide for a more detailed explanation. To meet the unique needs of these skin areas, we designed our Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin lineup. You’ll hear more about these new products below.

Step 1

Get a razor made for sensitive skin.

Don’t skimp when it comes to your shaving tool. Make sure to buy a razor designed for sensitive, pliable skin and never shave with dull blades. Don’t apply too much pressure or shave too fast – and don’t shave inside the labia majora. We recommend using the Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor. It’s specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shave irritation and glide easily across the curves of crevices of your bikini area.

Step 2

Keep your labia majora clean.

Clean the skin with a gentle emollient before shaving to prepare it for less razor damage. Consider using our 2-in-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel as a daily gentle cleanser. It’s dermatologist and gynecologist tested and made without parabens, dyes, fragrances or silicones – perfect for sensitive skin areas.

Step 3

Exfoliate before shaving.

Help prevent ingrown hairs by using a pH-balanced exfoliant before you shave. This will help release trapped hairs, so they are ready for your razor. The Venus Skin Smoothing Exfoliant is your go-to for this step and will help prepare your skin for a smooth shave.

Step 4

Use a gentle shave gel.

Never dry shave your bikini area or shave without a shave gel. Use a gentle, pH-balanced shave gel to protect your skin while shaving. It’s time to grab your trusty 2-in-1 Cleanser + Shave Gel again for this step to help provide a layer of glide and help prevent shaving irritation.

Step 5

Always moisturize after.

You’ll hear us say it time and again. Moisturization is the most important part of your shaving process. Apply a gentle lotion to your pubic area after shaving to help prevent dryness. For this step, you can use the Daily Soothing Serum to help keep sensitive skin areas hydrated and smooth.