Woman shaving her pubic area in a bathroom.Woman shaving her pubic area in a bathroom.

Tips for Shaving Sensitive Skin in Pubic Areas

Even if you don’t consider yourself as having sensitive skin, everyone has sensitive skin areas – like in your pubic region. Since the skin on your labia majora is not the same as the skin on your arm or leg, it needs special care. Learn what makes pubic skin and hair different and tips for getting a smooth shave, even down there, with these tips.

Woman shaving her stomach in a bathroom.Woman shaving her stomach in a bathroom.

Tips for shaving sensitive pubic area skin

Tip 1

The skin on your labia majora needs extra care.

As mentioned above, pubic skin is different from the skin on other part of your body. In fact, it’s thinner, more pliable and less taut, and it has more nerve endings near the surface, making it more sensitive to shaving. There’s also a lot more body curves and crevices to navigate your razor around. Get the picture? The more you know about the sensitive nature of your labia majora, the better prepared you will be to choose products that will treat it well. Look for shaving tools and products that are pH-balanced and designed for sensitive skin. For example, Venus Pure is a great shaving cream option. It’s formulated without dyes, parabens or sodium laurel sulfate.

Two Venus razor cartridges (Extra Smooth and Smooth Sensitive) side by side.Two Venus razor cartridges (Extra Smooth and Smooth Sensitive) side by side.

Tip 2

Your pubes requires a sharp, smooth razor.

In addition to your labia majora being different from the rest of your body, the hair in that area is different, too. Your pubic hair is nearly twice as coarse and dense as leg hair and requires twice the amount of cutting force when shaving. It also grows in a bunch of different directions, which is why you may find you get more ingrown hairs in that area than in others. Keep this in mind when using a razor to shave your pubic hair. Always use fresh blades that are super sharp and a razor that helps reduce pressure and glides easily across pliable skin. Pro tip: Don’t go too fast or apply too much pressure when shaving. And, avoid shaving anywhere inside your labia majora.

Woman applying shaving cream to her leg before shaving. Woman applying shaving cream to her leg before shaving.

Tip 3

Your pubic skin needs extra prep and post-care.

While you may want to skip the shaving cream every once in a while, you shouldn’t – especially when shaving your pubic area. The sensitive skin there is delicate and prone to irritation. That’s why it’s important to gently exfoliate before you shave (to help loosen up trapped hairs), always use a pH-balanced shaving cream or gel, and develop a post-shave care routine that emphasizes moisturization. Since this skin can get dry and itchy easily, keeping your skin hydrated is key to the shaving process. Make sure to apply a lotion or moisturizer after you shave (before your skin is completely dry) to help set it up for success.

Your labia majora may need some extra TLC, but shaving the hair there can be easy if you follow these tips. For more information on how to shave your pubic area, click here.