Radiant Skin Moisturizer Refills (4 count)


Radiant Skin Moisturizer Refills (4 count)


Four Venus Radiant Skin Olay moisturizer refills in a delightfully fresh Pearl Powder scent. See full details

Pearl Powder
  • Pearl Powder
  • Seaweed & Aloe (Coming Soon)



New Nuluxe Blades

Blades designed to glide over your skin smoothly while releasing Olay moisturizer as you shave.


Innovative Button

Moisturizer you can control with the push of a button, so you get exactly the amount you want for your shave.


Luxurious Handle

Designed to be practical and beautiful: the handle holds our Olay moisturizer and feels great in your hand.


Olay Moisturizer

Experience a formula developed by Olay scientists to lock in moisture immediately as you shave.


Fresh and Luminous

Our Pearl Powder moisturizer leaves you feeling fresh and super smooth.


Tested for Sensitive Skin

Our fragrance-free Seaweed & Aloe moisturizer (coming soon) is designed to suit sensitive skin.



This is Shaving Reinvented.


Indulge your skin with the 1st Venus & OLAY moisturizer on demand razor. Ever. Dermatologists from the SHA recommend Venus Radiant Skin to help protect your skin from drying out because our luxurious razor locks in moisture while you shave. This means you'll experience super smooth softness inside the shower and out. With a simple push of a button, you can release Olay moisturizer while you shave and enjoy healthy-looking skin that looks and feels truly hydrated.

How To Use

how-to-use-razor-moisturizer how-to-use-razor-moisturizer

Your Guide to Silky Skin
in One Smooth Stroke.


Click in your blades and moisturizer.


Press the button to release the moisturizer.


Shave and press the button again every
few strokes.


Rinse and enjoy exfoliated, smooth and
moisturized skin.

Our Olay Collab

radiantskin-olay-collab radiantskin-olay-collab

We’ve partnered with the experts in skincare, Olay, to bring you the ultimate shaving indulgence: the 1st Venus & OLAY ever moisturizer on demand razor.

First, we created a luxurious moisturizer, crafted with a hint of minerals born from the sea. Then, we designed a razor so that moisturizer flows at the push of a button. The best in beauty meets the best in shaving. This is skincare reinvented.



How do I insert the Olay lotion into the razor? Should I open the lotion before inserting?

Do not open the lotion bottle before inserting, just press the bottle into the back of the razor until you hear a click. The ripples on the back of the bottle should still be visible.

How do I prime and dispense the lotion?

You’ll find the dispensing button on top of the razor, behind the cartridge eject button. To prime your lotion, pump the button until you can see lotion on top of the blades. Then, just press the button once whenever you want to dispense lotion, usually every 2-3 strokes.

How many different lotions are available?

We currently have one lotion available.

Pearl Powder is a lightly scented lotion.

Coming Soon: Seaweed & Aloe, which is fragrance-free and recommended for sensitive skin.

What is the right amount of lotion?

Press a couple of times for the first stroke and repeat to press every couple of strokes to find your own pace.

As the lotion sticks to skin during shave, you do not need as much as shaving foam. Small amounts can have a big effect.

When do I need to change my blades?

It depends on how often you shave. One blade cartridge should last about a month if you’re shaving twice a week.

When do I need to change out the lotion?

To remove, simply pull the lotion bottle at its thick end out. Always leave the inserted bottle in the handle until it is completely used up.