Radiant Skin FAQs & Demos

How do I remove the blade cartridge cover?

Use your thumb to push the plastic cover off from the side of the cartridge, where there are no blades, never the front.

How do I insert the Olay moisturizer into the razor? Should I open the moisturizer before inserting?

Do not open the moisturizer bottle before inserting, just press the bottle into the back of the razor until you hear a click. The ripples on the back of the bottle should still be visible.

How do I prime and dispense the moisturizer?

You’ll find the dispensing button on top of the razor, behind the cartridge eject button. To prime your moisturizer, pump the button until you can see moisturizer on top of the blades. Then, just press the button once whenever you want to dispense moisturizer, usually every 2-3 strokes.

What do I do if no moisturizer comes out when I press the dispense button?

Ensure that the bottle is inserted correctly (the ripple should be at back of bottle) and press until you hear a click.

What is the right amount of moisturizer?

Press a couple of times for the first stroke and repeat to press every couple of strokes to find your own pace. As the lotion sticks to skin during your shave, you do not need as much as shaving foam. Small amounts can have a big effect.

How do I hold this razor while shaving?

Hold it like you would a pencil, and upside down. The handle should point towards you, and the blade away from you.

How do I eject the blade cartridge for a fresh one?

Push the ejection button with your thumb in the direction of the arrow. Don’t put the cover back on, and don’t press against cartridge while ejecting.

How do I put the blade cartridge in the razor?

Put the new blade cartridge, still in its cover, on a table or other flat surface. Press the handle into it until you hear a click, following the direction of the arrows.

When do I need to change my blades?

It depends on how often you shave. One blade cartridge should last about a month if you’re shaving twice a week.

How do I clean my blades?

Rinse your blade cartridge from both sides under running water.

What do I do when it is clogged?

Rinse your entire razor under hot water, focusing on the blades, and prime again.

When do I need to change out the moisturizer?

To remove, simply pull the moisturizer bottle at its thick end out. Always leave the inserted bottle in the handle until it is completely used up.

How do I get rid of excess water in the moisturizer bottle?

Just shake your razor to rid it of any extra water.

How do I store my razor?

Store it in an upright position.

How many different moisturizers are available?

We currently have one moisturizer available, Pearl Powder, which is lightly scented. Our second moisturizer, Seaweed & Aloe (coming soon), is fragrance-free and recommended for sensitive skin.

Can I use my own moisturizer to refill an empty bottle?

No, you cannot refill the bottle with your own moisturizer.

How do I choose what refill assortment to get?

For most enjoyable results, exchange blades and moisturizer bottles at the same time to maximize freshness.

How can I return Venus Radiant Skin as part of the money back guarantee?

All returns and exchanges must be pre-authorized by Customer Service and require a return authorization number. Contact us at 1-877-881-5812 to speak to a Customer Service Representative or via Email to request your return authorization (if eligible).

To obtain your refund, the item must be returned to us, with all accessories, within 30 days of the date upon which we provided the item to the carrier for shipment to you.

You must also follow the Return Procedures specified below:
You must have purchased the item from us at www.gillettevenus.com. Items purchased in store can only be exchanged or returned in store with the original receipt and original method of payment available. Gift receipts are eligible for merchandise exchange or store credit only. Once approved for return, Customer Service will send you an e-mail including your return authorization. For all returns other than damaged, defective or incorrectly shipped items (see below), you will be responsible for the shipping charges to return the item. Securely pack the item(s) you are returning and include a copy of your original packing slip along with your Return Authorization e-mail in an appropriately sized box. Ship the item only to the address provided to you by Customer Service when obtaining your return authorization. After we receive, inspect and process your return, a refund will be issued in accordance with our Refund Procedures.

What is the Venus Radiant Skin Warranty?

Venus Radiant Skin comes with 1 year warranty. Please contact Customer Service with any questions.

How to Use Venus Radiant Skin

Using Venus Radiant Skin is simple, easy and intuitive. Learn how to get the most out of your razor by exploring our how-to videos below.

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