Comfortglide & Olay Coconut Refills

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Comfortglide plus Olay Venus Razor Refills with Moisture Bar in Coconut
Comfortglide Venus Razor Refills 5 Blades plus Olay Moisture Bar
Comfortglide Venus and Olay Razor Refills 5 Blades Value Pack
Silver refillable Gillette Venus razor with a yellow razor head surrounded by coconuts on a surface
Woman shaving her underarm area with a silver razor

A pack of 4 or a value pack of 6 Olay coconut women's razor blade refills that serve to lather, shave, and exfoliate your skin while releasing a lovely coconut scent.


Refill&Handle Features

ComfortGlide 5 Blade Razor with Olay Moisture Bar in Coconut
  • 5 Blades for a long-lasting shave
  • Flexible Moisture Bars that release Olay coconut body butters
  • Flexi-Ball handle pivots to your body
  • Anti-slip soft grip for efficiency and comfort
  • Metal handle designed to last
  • Any Venus Refill fits any Venus handle, except Simply Venus and Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin

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