The secret to an easy, yet luxuriously close shave on the go? Try Venus Spa Breeze® Disposable razors—the first disposable razors with built-in shave gel bars. Simply add water for skin-loving light lather and a smooth shave without the need for separate shave gel.

  • Relaxing white tea-scented shave gel bars make shaving a breeze
  • 3 blades for a close shave
  • Wet razor for light lather and an indulgent shave
  • Shapely handle for enhanced control
  • No razor blade change required; just use and toss

*vs. Venus Oceana™ Disposable razors

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Jackson, MO
Aug 16, 2011

It Smelled Nice....

I'm a freshman in high school, and when your a girl, you need to smell nice and be clean, and have shaved legs and underarms. My mom and I where in Walmart and I needed new razors. She reccommeds Venus, as do I becuase they've always been so good. I was so upset. I got them, I came home hopped into the shower, and shaved. It was great!! But, I needed to shave my legs so I also shaved them along wiht my underarms. Half way thew my left lef, which I did first the gel bars fell off. I thought it was just a bad razor. I told my mom and she said the same thing. So, about four or five days later I got a new one, out of the package and the same thing happend. Finally I used the last one hoping, becuase the gel bars smelled so good and I liked it, but, agin they gell off. I'm very unhappy. WILL. NOT. BUY. THESE. AGAIN.

No,I Do Not Recommend This Product.


GilletteVenus Consumer Care Aug 18, 2011

This can be a hassle for anyone and I'm sorry this happened to you. Please give us a call at 1-866-588-9557, we'd like to help. In the meantime, one thing you can do to extend of the Venus Spa Breeze gel bars is to make sure the razor is stored out of the stream water and don't allow the gel bars to be face down (think soap sitting in water). We look forward to hearing from you!

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Sep 21, 2011

So disappointed in my razor

I am so disappointed in my Venus Refillable Spa Breeze razor. I always buy the Venus brand, but decided to change it up and buy the Spa Breeze razor and I am so frustrated with it. First of all, it is not cheap to buy razors so when I do spend the money, I want it to work! The first week after using it, my "so-called" shaving cream bars feel off in the shower. So, now I do not have any glide left to my shaver leaving my legs prickly, full of nicks and the shaver, in general, seemed dull. And when I did have the shaver bars intact, it seemed as if my shaver was full of the gunk from it. I tried to go on the contact page to post my disappointment, but I could not log in so I decided to speak out my frustration here. Save yourself the time and money and don't buy this razor.

No,I Do Not Recommend This Product.


GilletteVenus Consumer Care Sep 22, 2011

I'm so sorry you're disappointed with the Venus Spa Breeze. We have strict quality standards and wouldn't expect the gel bars to fall off. Still we'd like to help, please give us a call at (866) 588-9557. Thanks!

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Sep 07, 2011

♥ it

i need to get to school really early so i needed a razor that worked well. i decide to get this because i love the features. i tried it and my skin was sooooooooooooooooo smooth i would highly recmond it

Yes, I Recommend This Product.