Feel clean, sexy and feminine with the Venus Bikini Trimmer. Forget scissors and battery-operated devices. The Venus Bikini Trimmer, with a pivoting, single blade, makes it easy to get bikini-beautiful. Finish with the Venus Embrace® razor for a close, curve-hugging bikini shave.

  • Easily and safely trims bikini hair
  • Specially designed handle for great control
  • To use, gently glide over the area to be trimmed, similar to shaving strokes
  • Preferred over scissors

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4.36/5 (45)
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Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK
May 05, 2013

Life changer!

Was a bit sceptical about this at first having tried many similar motor operated trimmers but this is PERFECT! The head is a great size - wide enough to get things done quickly but still small enough to get in everywhere. Unlike others, this doesn't snag or pull on my hairs and leaves a really even finish. BIG CON - Price! considering that it is essentially a disposable razor this is much too expensive and I don't understand why it can't have the same replacement head system as the other nice venus razors.

Yes, I Recommend This Product.

Jun 26, 2012

Did not work well on thick hair

I've been using the Venus razor on my legs for years and have always been pleased :) I bought this product after reading all the raving reviews. I was really disappointed in this product. I have relatively coarse hair down there and even though it was relatively short and "pretrimmed", this thing just wouldn't cut it. It was uncomfortable, it kept pulling my hairs and I would have to redo the same area over and over again to get it even. I spent a solid 15 minutes on it and finally just gave up. I would not use it again and really regret buying this product.

No,I Do Not Recommend This Product.

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North Carolina, USA
Apr 14, 2015

The Best Trimmer...But the PRICE :-(

This is the best little trimmer, the blade is sharp, the guard is set at the right height, it doesn't tug or pull the hair. The blade could be a little more narrow to get into the tight spots. As a product I would give it 5 stars, except for one thing. $9.99 FOR ONE DISPOSABLE RAZOR?! I mean really? The bikini shaver costs less and it has more blades, it was my understanding that it's the technology of the blades that make a razor expensive, but this only has one blade and a little plastic guard. $5 per trimmer would be acceptable, and $3-4 per trimmer would be fantastic. For $9.99 I expect to get either more than one razor or be able to replace the blades. The Noxema trimmer is under $5.00 and comes with 3 trimmers (but it tugs, so I don't use it). So, I love the product, but I love it the way I love a Maserati or Rolex, something I would love to have but can't afford.

Yes, I Recommend This Product.