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Dare To Bare

Get the bikini shave you want with
tips from a swimsuit model.

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Get the bikini look you want with Venus


As a swimsuit model, there’s more to being camera-ready than just hair and makeup. I need to be ready to wear anything.

Or…close to nothing.

Because in this business, I never know what to expect.

And you get it. I mean, you might go on a beach trip with your friends or go on a romantic date.

You gotta be ready!

I shave and keep up with my bikini area to make sure I can work the camera anytime.

When I first started, I knew I had to come to the shoot prepared.

But I really didn’t know the best way to keep up with my bikini area.

Since then, I’ve picked up a lot of tips.

So let me share my secrets to keeping my bikini lines and the area in between looking great.

First, I use a razor to shape my bikini hair.

I love Venus Embrace. It feels comfortable and gives me a super close shave every time.


What I like about it is that it has 5 blades that give you a really close shave.

And it pivots, so you can get to those hard-to-reach spots.

Plus, this Ribbon of Moisture gives you a really smooth glide.

First, decide on the shape you want.

Now you can shave just around the bikini area, or further in.

And if you want, get creative!


Step 1

5 Individually Adjusting Blades
Flexible Pivoting Head
Ribbon of Moisture


Next, you have to trim.

In my opinion, when bikini hair is shorter, it just looks and feels much neater and more feminine.

I discovered this incredible Venus Bikini Trimmer, and it’s made my life so much easier.

I’ve tried everything.

Electric clippers, a razor, even scissors.

Not easy.

But this trimmer gets the job done.

And it’s an easy and safe way to get just the look I want.


Step 2

Single Blade
Protective Comb
Safe and Easy


The trimmer has a blade to cut bikini hair.

And this comb to protect your skin from the blade.

Now there’s no more fumbling around or worrying about getting nicked.

Plus, it helps trim to get a consistent length.

Just guide it over your bikini hair, just like you would a razor.


Step 3


Finally, I always moisturize. Olay Bikini Lotion is my favorite.

But really you can use any gentle moisturizer. It’s that final touch that makes a big difference.

It provides immediate soothing hydration, and it leaves your skin looking beautiful.

So see? It’s easy to look and feel like a Goddess.

Just shave, trim, and hydrate.


Shave Trim Hydrate


Of course, makeup doesn’t hurt. And remember—taking care of yourself is important year-round.

It makes me feel sexy. And when I feel sexy, I’m way more confident.




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***Model is being compensated by Venus for her testimonial endorsements.

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