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Where did the time go? Your baby girl is suddenly a tween facing a changing body, a growing interest in boys, and pressure from her friends to fit in. And while she’s more independent, she still needs you to help her bring out her inner Goddess—the one who knows that confidence makes her shine.
Through it all, you’ll be alongside her to help with the transition, and that includes helping her find a beauty routine that works. Sure, she gets advice from friends. But for honest answers to her questions, make sure she also turns to you. Take shaving. She needs information and tips that can help her feel great about herself.

Questions you might have Questions you might have

When should I talk to my daughter about shaving?

A recent survey showed that 39% of women first tried to shave without permission. Your daughter may be too shy or embarrassed to ask, but if you go to her with shaving tips, you can make her first shaving experience comfortable (and safe). She’ll see darker hair on her legs and under her arms as she goes through puberty. Look (and listen) for cues that it’s time to teach her how to shave: Does she seem embarrassed by the hair on her legs? Does she talk about wanting to shave?

How do I approach her?

Remind her that she’s beautiful, but if she’d feel more comfortable with smooth legs, you can give her shaving tips. If you remember your own first shaving experience, share it with her. Can’t remember? Check out some parenting blogs to see if you can find any stories about other girls learning how to shave.

Which razor is right for her?

A great shaving tip for girls: Choose a women’s razor. For example, some Venus razors have rounded, pivoting heads, a Ribbon of Moisture and a curvy handle with SoftGrip gel. They make it easy to shave ankles, behind the knees and underarms. For more information on why Venus razors are great for girls, check out the article Don’t Share His Razor.
To find the right Venus razor for her, try the Venus Product Finder. Answer a few simple questions, and it’ll help her choose a women’s razor for her beauty needs.

What kind of safe shaving tips should I give her?

First and foremost, let her know that sharing a razor is not recommended (it’s just not hygienic), and help her choose a Venus razor just for her.
You’ll also want to tell her to change the blade at the first sign of discomfort to prevent nicks and cuts. Razor performance will vary depending on how thick the hair is and how big the areas being shaved are, but many girls change their blades after 5 to 10 shaves.
Another important tip is to always use a shave gel, which will help the razor glide smoothly over skin. Not only does this make shaving comfortable, it also helps prevent nicks and cuts.

How do I teach her how to shave?

Simply show her, and explain everything as you go: Soak the skin in warm water, lather up with a shave gel, and shave with a light touch, against the growth of the hair. Suggest she use a body lotion after shaving, to keep skin moisturized.

How do I tell my daughter she’s too young to shave?

Let her know you understand her feelings and try to determine why she’s asking. Does she want to feel “grown up”? Consider a mother-daughter lunch—without a kids’ menu. If she’s trying to fit in with friends, remind her it’s important to be her own person. Is she embarrassed about the hair on her legs? Help her choose clothes she feels confident in. And if she wants to know how to shave because she wants to feel good about herself, point out some of the things that make her special. Once you’ve reassured her that you understand how she feels, you can explain that she needs to wait to shave, and when the time comes, you’ll share all kinds of shaving tips.

Questions she might have Questions she might have

How do I hold a razor?

Have her practice with a Venus razor: Place her index finger on the finger rest and grip the handle firmly, holding the razor at a slight angle above the skin.

How far up my legs should I shave?

Let her know that some girls shave to barely above the knee, but others shave their entire thighs, too. She can decide what feels right for her.

How do I shave my underarms?

Have her wash to remove any traces of deodorant and apply shave gel, like Satin Care. Suggest she raise her arm and touch the back of her neck to keep her underarm flat and easier to shave. Since underarm hair can grow in all directions, teach her how to shave up, down and even sideways to remove the most stubborn hairs.

How often should I shave?

She can shave as often as she needs to—whatever feels right and makes her feel confident and beautiful. Reassure her that shaving more often will not make her hair grow back faster or thicker.

Her first shave Her first shave

Teaching your tween how to shave will help boost her confidence. And if you make it into a special event, you can really strengthen your mother-daughter bond.
One way to make it special is to take her shopping. Let her choose her own Venus razor and shave gel. While you’re at the store, she might want to pick up a few other personal care items, like a new deodorant, body lotion, lip gloss or some hair accessories. You could even hit the mall and let her pick out a new outfit. When you get home, show her how to shave, and watch her confidence soar.
Another way to mark the occasion is with a home spa day. Give each other mani/pedis and relax with a facial mask. You can let her in on all your shaving tips and show her exactly how to shave.

Your Goddess in training Your Goddess in training

It may be hard to see your little girl grow up. But when you give her the information she needs to look and feel her best, you’ll help her become a confident young woman, ready for all the challenges she’ll face as a teenager and adult.

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