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Shaving Myths

With plenty of info out there about shaving, it’s hard to determine fact from fiction. So Gillette Venus puts the myths to rest. Here’s the truth about getting a smooth, close shave.

Common shaving myths Common shaving myths

MYTH: Shaving every day causes hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster.

We promise that shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker, darker or faster. Hair regrowth is determined by what's on the inside—your genetics and hormones. So why the relentless myth? As hair grows back, the blunt ends make it seem thicker. Another possible reason—underarm hair grows about 50% faster than hair on your legs, so it's naturally growing faster with or without shaving.

MYTH: A new razor blade causes more nicks and cuts than a broken-in razor blade.

Quite the contrary. Shaving with an old, dull razor blade actually results in even more nicks and cuts. Other culprits include putting too much pressure on the razor or using a single-glade razor. Want to find the best Venus razor for a close shave? Find your perfect shave match with our online Venus Product Finder.

MYTH: Pressing hard will give a closer shave.

Not so! Putting too much pressure on your razor can cause nicks and cuts. Let an outstanding razor like the Venus Embrace do the work for you. Keep the blades flat against your skin so the razor can do its job. Use a light touch to get a relaxing and close shave.

MYTH: Shaving over the same area repeatedly will give me a closer shave.

No way! Shaving one spot over and over will irritate skin—fast. If you’re having trouble with rough spots or stubble, it may be time to change your blade.

MYTH: Shaving will make my tan fade faster.

Don’t listen to this old wives’ tale—you simply can’t shave off your tan. Actually, regular shaving can enhance your tan by sweeping away the top layer of flaky skim that hides your gorgeous glow.

MYTH: You should only shave to just above the knee.

This is a personal choice. Think about what feels right for you and your beauty routine.

MYTH: It’s okay to borrow my date’s razor.

One, it's not hygienic. Two, you've got more area to cover, so don't wear out your welcome by wearing out his blade. Three, a women's razor is designed specifically for your curves.

Shaving prep myths Shaving prep myths

MYTH: Shaving cream isn’t necessary; soap and water works just as well.

Shave gels tend to be less drying than ordinary soap. Shave gels like Satin Care lubricate to help provide a layer of protection against nicks and cuts. Shave gel also helps you keep track of where you’ve shaved to help you avoid missing any spots.

MYTH: It’s okay to shave without water if I’m in a hurry.

We wouldn’t recommend it! Water—and shave gel—is critical for a comfortable shave. It helps the razor glide over skin. If you’re in a hurry, try the Venus Breeze razor—with 2-in-1 shave gel bars, you can shave in one easy step.

MYTH: Waxing won’t cause ingrown hairs.

While waxing keeps legs smooth, it still can cause ingrown hairs. Whether waxing or shaving is your go-to hair removal method, starting with clean, exfoliated skin is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs.

Bikini shaving myths Bikini shaving myths

MYTH: It’s winter and I’ve got no beach trips planned: Time to take a break from bikini grooming.

Your bikini area isn’t just about swimsuit season! Getting a beautiful look in the bikini spots you don’t share with the world is all about self-esteem. So go ahead—look and feel like a Goddess in your sexy lingerie, all year ‘round.

MYTH: Shaving and/or trimming my bikini area is too tricky to do myself.

Not true! Skip the hassle and cost of waxing and try it. We recommend shaving first, then trimming. The Venus Bikini Trimmer and Venus Embrace razor make a great team for a perfect bikini shave. The trimmer has a protective comb for an easy and safe trim, while the Venus razor is bikini-approved for a comfortable, close shave.

MYTH: Trimming bikini hair in the shower is always such a hassle.

Since the shower is a perfect place to get your bikini area into shape, we’ve taken the hassle out of trimming with the new Venus Bikini Trimmer. The warm water helps soften coarse hair to make it easier to cut and the trimmer quickly trims hair to length with every stroke—so it’s as easy as shaving in the shower.

Skincare Myths Skincare Myths

MYTH: Shaving every day is bad for the skin.

Not true! If you have fast-growing, thick hair you may be comfortable shaving every day. Plus, shaving with a razor actually helps skin look and feel smoother by exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells. Venus razors include features that help provide a gentle glide and maintain silky soft skin.

MYTH: You should shave the day before, not the day of your event.

If your skin is hypersensitive, it’s okay to shave the day before, but the right razor makes it simple to shave any day and get gorgeously smooth skin. Always use a fresh blade and plenty of shave gel and finish with a non-irritating moisturizer. And remember—if your event is a day at the beach or a pool party, shaving sensitive skin the day before will help protect skin from irritation.

MYTH: Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky.

On the contrary—shaving is your skin’s best friend! Shaving helps skin feel smooth by whisking away your top layer of dead skin.

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