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Luxuriously Smooth Shaving Razor SPA RAZOR

New Look. Same Venus.
Gillette Venus Spa Razor
Gillette Venus Spa Razor

The secret to an easy, yet indulgently close shave? The Venus Spa 2-in-1 women's razor, with 3 blades and built-in shaving gel bars. Simply add water for a skin-loving, light lather and a smooth shave—there’s no need for a separate shaving gel. Even better, the shaving gel bars are infused with the fresh scent of white tea to soothe your senses.

• Relaxing white tea–scented shaving gel bars
• Wet razor for light lather and an indulgent shave
• Soft, sleek handle
• For great results, hang on the in-shower razor holder to air dry between uses
• Easy-to-change cartridges

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Ratings & Reviews

Venus Spa Breeze Refillable System 3.3 5 107 109
Favorite Razor! I love this razor! It feels so nice on my skin and never irritates it. Even after the gel washes away, it still gives a good shave, and with this razor I don't have to use shave gel, just body wash, and it won't irritate my skin! I absolutely love this razor, I've been trying other venus razors lately, and I don't like any of them as much as this one. It's not perfect though, one problem I have is shaving my private area, it's wayy too slippery, and so I just get disposable razors for shaving down there. Also, the gel does wash away pretty quickly, I can only use it without body wash the first two times I use it, then I have to use body wash with it after that. But other than that it's a great product, and I plan on going back to using this one after my venus divine cartridges are all used up. 10/16/12
Wow! Purchased this a few days ago. Used it last night, and wow! were my legs smooth! I must buy the refills when I need them. 9/12/12
Best Purchase Ever I told my boyfriend one day to pick me up a razor while he was at the store and he got me this one. it was the best i have ever used before. Not only do i use this on my legs but i use it to shave my private areas and it feels sooooo silky smooth. 6/29/12
love this razor Gillette Venus Breeze is an excellent product because of its closeness and comfort to skin that it provides while shaving. I regularly shave almost every other day of the week so it was important for me to find a razor that could do the job and not irritate my skin. I was very tired of getting my skin irritated and having razor bumps from the razors I was using and found it very annoying to worry about always having to apply a bunch of shaving cream before every shave. When Gillette Venus Breeze first came out, I was not sure if it would work. I remember taking it home and trying Venus Breeze and completely falling in love. This product is great! I would strongly recommend it to anyone that shaves regularly and has sensitive skin. It is hassle free with no need to apply all the smelly shaving cream on and always leaves skin smooth and hairless without any effort of shaving over the same area repeatedly. The gel razor cartridges do not come very cheap but for the lasting smooth effect they give, it is worth the money. Many times the Gillette website will provide coupons if you were interested in a discount. Each blade also last about two weeks and I shave every other so that is also something to consider when debating about price and quality. 5/22/12
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