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Say Good-Bye to Dry Satin Care Dry Skin In-Shower Moisturizer

Get silky smooth legs right out of the shower with Satin Care® Dry Skin In-Shower Moisturizer. This dry skin formula, with Shea Butter, helps lock in moisture. Simply smooth onto wet legs, rinse and pat dry to leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

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Satin Care Dry Skin In-Shower Moisturizer

Ratings & Reviews

Dry Skin Moisturizer 5 5 4 5
AMAZING!!!! First of all i was getting shaving cream and smelling things. I loved the scent. So i bought it not knowing what it was for. When i got home i realized it was a lotion for in the shower. So i used it right away, i love the feel but i love that it saves me time even more. So for the scent being the only reason i bought it...I'm really glad i did. 1/30/11
Simply elegant! I fell in love with the scent at first test whiff! It smells so nice! Plus the idea of moisturizing my legs in the shower is an awesome idea! It's not greasy but rather it's similar to a conditioner for your hair. Very smooth and creamy...:) 6/4/10
I love it!!! I bought this while on vacation in Nashville, TN and love it. I have since used it all, and run around town looking for it in all the local stores, since it hasn't hit the bay area yet. I can't wait for it to be available here I will be buying it as soon as it hits the shelf! 4/22/10
Best Purchase Ever This is the best product i've ever used. I hate putting on lotion so being able to basically put on lotion in the shower and its just like putting body wash on is amazing. I love it. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. :) 3/15/10
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