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Intensive Moisture Strips for Glide Divine Sensitive Razor

The Venus Divine Sensitive razor has Intensive Moisture Strips infused with a touch of skin-pampering botanical oils for a close, smooth shave.

  • 3 comfort-coated blades
  • Moisture Strips for a smooth shave
  • In-shower razor holder
  • Easy-to-change cartridges
  • Social sharing
  • Social sharing

Ratings & Reviews

Venus Divine 3.8 5 21 24
Ehh... I bought this razor for my first shave and it was pretty bad. I dont know if it was because i basically looked like a gorilla or if it wasnt a good razor. it seemed dull at first use and took me an hour and a half to shave my legs!! 5/1/12
Loved original venus - very disappointed in Divine I bought the original Venus Razor years ago and have been using it ever since! Recently I lost it on a trip and just went shopping for a new one. Didn't see the original Venus at the store but I figured it was time to try out another one since the first one was so great. With the first use, the Divine felt dull. It felt like it was tearing the hairs rather than cutting - so uncomfortable. I am so disappointed in this razor. I would not recommend to anyone. 10/8/11
Very disappointed I was very disappointed in this razor as it felt like it was dull, even though it was brand new. I replaced the blade before I even finished shaving one leg because I already had nicks and cuts everywhere! The second blade was the same way. I've used Venus razors for years, and this is the first time I have been disappointed in a Venus product. I will not buy this razor again and certainly do not recommend it to anyone. 6/10/11
Strong enough for a man, gentle enough for a woman I love venus razors, and so does my boyfriend. He was sleeping over one night in my dorm, and it happened to be a shave day except he forgot to bring his razor. So I offered him one of mine (venus of course). By the way he has very sensitive facial skin, any razor he used would irritate his skin and leave in-grown hairs. So I guess he felt like he had nothing to lose and shaved with one of my extra venus razors. He got the smoothest best shave of his life (and no in-grown hairs!) and 4 years later he is still using venus feminine leg razors on his face! 6/3/11
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