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A Century in the making
A Century in the making

A Century in the Making

Back in 1901, King Gillette invented a safety razor that completely changed the way men shaved—and led to a new company dedicated to smooth skin. 100 years later, that company introduced the original Gillette Venus razor, forever transforming women’s shaving.

Raising the Bar

Although Venus has a deep heritage within the Gillette family, this was no men’s razor colored pink!

Designed especially for the way a woman shaves, the Venus Original set our standard for women’s razors. It navigated feminine curves with a rounded, pivoting head. Felt natural in a woman’s hands with a contoured, Soft Grip® handle. Protected against nicks and cuts with protective cushions. And made short work of shaving with individually adjusting blades.

Every razor we’ve created since has been designed especially for the way a woman shaves. With such a passionate understanding of what should go into a women’s razor, it’s no surprise that we’re the #1 female shaving brand in the world!

  • 2001 Venus Original

    Venus Original

    Inspired by the curves of a woman’s body, Venus marries the ultimate in performance with smooth comfort, forever changing the way women feel about shaving.

  • 2004 Venus Divine

    Venus Divine
    Women wanting a smooth shave now have it even better! We enhance our original razor with Moisture Strips, infused with a touch of botanical oils.
  • 2005 Venus Vibrance

    Venus Vibrance
    The secret to more radiant skin? Exfoliation. Now women have a razor with soothing vibrations to sweep away dull, dry skin.
  • 2007 Venus Breeze

    Venus Breeze
    Sometimes what a woman needs most in her day is simply a few more minutes. Enter a razor with time-saving, built-in shave gel bars.
  • 2008 Venus Embrace

    Venus Embrace
    We transform shaving once again by introducing our 5-blade razor. Now women can enjoy a shave so touchably smooth, they’re able to get as close as they dare.
  • 2009 Venus Spa Breeze

    Venus Spa Breeze
    Every day should begin with a little pampering, so we infuse these shave gel bars with an indulgent white tea fragrance.
  • 2010 Venus Bikini Trimmer

    Venus Bikini Trimmer
    Women discover a simple way to feel sexy and feminine: the Venus Bikini Trimmer’s single, pivoting blade.
  • 2011 Venus ProSkin MoistureRich

    Venus ProSkin MoistureRich
    Life in action needs skin in balance. The lubricating MoistureRich Shave gel bars in this razor definitely help.
  • 2012 Venus & Olay

    Venus & Olay

    Women discover that when skin meets Goddess, anything can happen. Olay Moisture Bars release skin conditioners while 5 blades get Venus close, for a smooth, Goddess-worthy shave.

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